We are only as good as our last session

OVOX Personal Training

10 packs?  20 packs?  How did they start?  Some gyms sell packages of training sessions as a way of retaining clients. Some sell packages of sessions as a way to generate large amounts of revenue quickly.  But does this sound familiar?  You buy a package of sessions.  The first 1 or 2 sessions are pretty great, then the middle sessions you find your trainer talks about Monday Night Football, or asks what you did over the weekend, or maybe just small talk about the weather.  Then, when you have 1 or 2 sessions remaining in your pack, you get great sessions again because your trainer knows you need to make another purchase.  You won’t have that at OVOX.  We don’t offer packages of sessions.  We like to say “we are only as good as our last session”.  Our trainers know that their clients aren’t “locked” into packages.  Trainers need to earn their clients business.  If you ever had an interest in personal training, take advantage of your two free sessions.  If you’ve had personal training in the past and you were left unsatisfied, we are confident you will love our trainers.  For those of you that have embraced personal training as part of your lifestyle, we do offer set training schedules with your trainer on a monthly basis.


Need help picking a trainer?

Your membership entitles you to two complimentary sessions with one of our trainers.  We do not just pick a trainer that is available when you want to train, we match you with a trainer that is best for your wants and needs.  We strongly suggest that you meet with a trainer.  Our trainers can write up a program to help you on your way towards your goals and if you already have a workout you are comfortable with, it is still helpful for your trainer to show you our new equipment. Please take a few minutes and fill out our profile so we can match you with your trainer.

10 Great Reasons to invest in personal training

10 Great Reasons to invest in personal training

1. Motivation and Accountability– Make an appointment with your trainer who will be there to motivate and hold you accountable. Your trainer will also develop personalized plans based on your individual goals that are realistic and attainable.  As an OVOX member, you get two complimentary sessions.

2. Plan Development– Your trainer will help you optimize your time to achieve your goals.

3. Knowledge and expertise– It’s the trainers job to get you towards your goals as efficiently as possible. You should not become overwhelmed with the vast amount of information and misinformation on these subjects. 

4. Support– Your trainer is there to offer non-judgmental support. They will provide constant feedback in a constructive way – building you up to achieve your goals.

5. Instruction on Form and Technique– Knowledgeable trainers will be able to provide instruction on best form and technique.  The job of the trainer is not to sit and count your reps but to provide instruction and correct your form during exercises to achieve the best results while preventing injury.

6. Sport Specific Training– Do you have goals outside of just general fitness, toning, and building strength? Getting ready for a run?  A Tough Mudder?  Looking to improve performance for a specific sport?   Our trainers know the best plans to help you achieve strength, speed, agility, explosiveness and more for your sport.  

7. Optimizing your Time– Our trainers develop plans that maximize your time in the gym. You can get an efficient workout in the minimum amount of time. 

8. Tailored Personal Plans– This is YOUR training time and a personalized plan will be developed with your specific goals in mind.

9. Nutritional Guidance–  You can train perfectly a few hours a week, but if your nutrition is off, it will hamper and limit your ability to reach your goals.  Your trainer will review your eating plan with you and show you the imbalances in your eating.  No calorie counting, no weighing your food.  You will be amazed how easy it is to change your body through proper eating.

10. We are only as good as our last session– Our trainers know their clients “pay as they go”.  So our trainers need to deliver every time they meet with their clients.  We like to say we are only as good as our last session.  If for any reason you feel like your trainer isn’t giving 100%, we will switch you to a new trainer or you can simply stop training with a trainer.  You are not locked into anthing.