Get TNT!

Tough N Tone Classes....not your normal classes

Class Studios typically offer one style of class only (ie. just kickboxing, just group fitness, just barre, etc).  Our Class Studio will give you a complete variety of classes as well as full membership to our gym for less than you would pay at one of these single activity Class Studios.

The Studio features The TOUGH Room & The TONE ROOM. Two different rooms, two different vibes, two different class schedules…..ONE REASON: motivating, challenging classes that produce results. The TOUGH ROOM features OBOX:our Kickboxing Class, Body Change:our Bootcamp classes, and more. The TONE ROOM features Barre, Pilates, MOTR, Bushido Body, Yoga classes and more.

Have fun getting TOUGH -N-TONE!

Get Tough-n-Tone!

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